Exodus 4: What’s In Your Toolbox?

As we continue our reading of the book of Exodus, we find ourselves at the beginning of chapter 4. As the one chapter ends and another begins we are stepping into the middle of a conversation between God and Moses. A conversation that most of us are familiar with: “Moses and the Burning Bush.”

With the burning bush as the background, God gives Moses purpose. God is putting Moses in charge of leading his people out of Egypt and into freedom. Before Moses was Mission-Less, and on the run from previous misguided attempts to free his people, now he finds himself with a God-Given Mission and clear plan; not to free his people his way, but instead God’s people, God’s way.

So chapter 4 begins with one of a series of objections posed by Moses (that go back to the previous chapter) as to why he is not entirely bonafide to be one to lead…

Exodus 4:1-2

But Moses protested again, “Look, they won’t believe me! They won’t do what I tell them. They’ll just say, ‘The Lord never appeared to you’”

Then the Lord asked him, “What do you have in your hand”

“A shepherd’s staff,” Moses replied.

I find God’s response refreshing! Full of good news! Almost as if God is saying…

“Moses… I can use you right there where you are!

But you are going to have to trust me.

On the run, with a shady painful past? I can use that.

A shepherd with desert skills? Trust me it’ll come in handy; I can use whatever your occupation is…

With whatever resources, tools you have at your disposal.”

As a father, husband, son, pastor and friend there have been seasons in my life when I feel like Moses. I feel inadequate, insecure, with not enough resources or tools.

What a great, and powerful reminder! As God has called us to His mission, He can use us just as we are, and with whatever is in our toolbox.

“LORD, may we be obedient when You tell us to go.

May we be Brave in you Lord.

Be with our mouths and teach us what we are to say.

For the sake of Your name, Jesus” Amen

– Laurence

Bonus Trivia

Did you know! That four women have now saved Moses: his mother, sister, Pharaoh’s daughter, and now his wife (by circumcising their son instead of Moses and as a result, Moses is not put to death by God Exodus 4:25)

Application Questions

Is there a situation in your life that you feel inadequate for? Do you see tools in your life God can use in spite of your feelings of inadequacy?

Are you living Mission-Less or with a God-Mission?