Spiritual growth can seem nebulous and a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to!

We’ve developed a spiritual-growth path that is both simple and effective.

We call it the ABC’s

A - Alpha

This 12 week course is experienced around a meal and round-table discussion. Alpha means ‘beginnings’ and the Alpha Course teaches the essentials of the Christian faith in an engaging and interactive way.

B - Baptism

Jesus said that we are to celebrate and announce the beginning of our faith journey with baptism. At Riverwood we have a self-guided course, a brief mentoring meeting with one of our pastors and then we love to make baptism available at a worship service that best suits the person being baptized. For more information on baptism or to arrange a baptism weekend, see contact below

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C - Covenant Community

This is both a course and a commitment. Covenant Community is for those who have been a part of the Riverwood church for at least a year and are wanting to solidify their personal commitment to their church family. It begins with a 4 hour course that teaches the values, vision, mission and behind the scene operations of the church. It continues with an opportunity for individuals to sign a statement of commitment. After this, those who are part of the Covenant Community are invited to help advance the vision, mission and values of our church through full participation.

The next Covenant Community Course Coming Soon

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s - Small Groups

The ’s’ of our ABC’s stands for Small Group. For many, this may actually be their first step on the following-Jesus journey. We offer three 10 week Small Group sessions each year and we invite people to move their experience at Riverwood from sitting-in-rows to growing-in-relational-circles. We have Home-Based Small Groups, Support Small Groups, Serving Small Groups and Small Group Networks where a number of Small Groups meet in the same room at the same time.