What are we trying to do?

As a church community we are working to help people move their life forward! We call the journey ‘L3 Living’! That’s it! The Bible contains about 783,137 words. When we boiled them all down to their most basic essence, we were left with a simple concept: ‘L3 Living’!

How Do You Fit In?

We love helping people move and grow their life! If we had to draw a road map, it might look something like this:

Check It Out!

Check It Out!

You are welcome here! Whether you’ve never been to church or gone to church your whole life, you are welcome here! We currently have six Worship Communities to choose from.



There are many ways to connect but we suggest people start by getting to know the people in their Worship Community, then test-drive a Small Group!



Connection and life-growth happens best in the context of serving! Even if you are brand new at Riverwood, we want to help you find a Serving Team where you can begin to make an impact and contribute to the mission!



Life isn’t just about ‘getting’! When people come together to invest and give the mission we’re on is fueled. We have many different ways for people to Give!

The church of Jesus Christ has only a little to do with the hour and a half worship service on a Sunday morning. From the beginning, the design of the church was never to become a socially-driven gathering, a religious institution, a building, a worship service or an assembling of people into an audience. When Jesus said, “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it,” He gave us a clear indication that the church He would be building would be an army!

What Is L3 Living?

Living Intimately with God

Everything we do is about helping people have a personal, intimate, real, passionate relationship with God! The place this happens best for us is in our Worship Communities.

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Living in Deep Community

Everything we do is about helping people have authentic, meaningful, life-on-life relationships with the people in their life! The place this happens best for us is in our Small Groups.

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Living Lives of Influence

Everything we do is about mobilizing and equipping people to use their one-and-only-life to make a difference in this world. The place this happens best for us is in our Serving Teams.

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