Lead Pastor's Report

Even the mightiest of soaring eagles can remember the first time they stretched their wings and tested their courage. Well, 2016 will go down in the Riverwood history books as a year of daring launches into the unknown. It was the year we first became a multi-site church, trying something almost nobody had ever done: six fully functional worship communities in three separate locations within a block of each other! Our aim was to continue to grow and create space for more people to encounter Jesus in our community— but this endeavour tested every system, serving team, and the very vision itself. After just a few months we concluded, “It works!” and each of these worship communities is poised to soar higher in the coming years!

In 2016 we also sponsored more children in Swaziland than ever before, a remarkable 264! We hosted our first home-grown Uprising Students Conference and Awesome Kidmin Conference. This marked a new era of our church being able to mentor, coach, and train other church leaders and pass on what we’ve been learning! We also grew in our community impact! Every week Riverwood serves and invests in nearly 600 of our community neighbours! The year wasn’t without it’s challenges, but God remained faithful— Riverwooders continued to serve and give generously and the vision continued to burn white hot!

— Pastor Todd

Financial Report

It has been almost a year since we started services at the Warehouse, and we went from 4 to 6 services. Wow, what an amazing year!
It continues to amaze me how generous Riverwooders are. Last year our budget increased significantly to accommodate for the opening of our new site, and offer the necessary resources to do so. For a good portion of the year we had to watch closely that our spending did not exceed our giving, but I am happy to say we finished well. It was definitely a “by faith” kind of budget year! Although don’t get me wrong, it is by faith we do it each year.

In addition to generous giving towards our operations, day-to-day expenses such as salaries, utilities, and building maintenance, we managed to open a new site with two new worshipping communities as part of our “Making History” capital campaign. Also, we partnered together and made it possible so that two refugee families— one from Colombia and one from Syria— were able come to Canada. That is just a small glimpse into how the Lord continues to move through our midst through the generosity that inhabits His people.
— Pastor Laurence

2017 Budget

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