Behind the Scenes of Riverwood’s Summer Series— “If”

.“What if?”

This was the question that sparked our newest series, If. For every series, I sit down with our Lead Pastor, Todd, and hear his heart and vision for the next series. Todd’s very visual, so generally he provides a short brief with some visual ideas and cues, the inspiration for the series, the goals for the series and some verses connected to the general message being communicated throughout.

From this brief, I try and distill some basic themes. From these themes, I lay out different ideas.

For IF, I had a few different ideas. From three different sentences from Todd’s creative brief, I was inspired to create three different concepts. I laid out each of these concepts with some visual inspiration and the rationale for that direction.


We landed on the one idea that stemmed from the idea of the word “if” opening up to all kinds of possibilities. Then, we decided to take a direction that was inspired by outdoor adventure (hiking, camping, etc.), which fits with the direction of the series and also seemed appropriate for a summer series.

The Creative Team for the project consisted of JR, our graphic designer; Kirsten, our videographer; Cole, our assistant videographer; and myself as creative director.

Our team decided to travel to Rushing River Provincial Park in Northern Ontario to capture photos and footage that were used for the visuals of the series. Visuals included; a series graphic, a teaser video and opener video, a series bumper, and online promotion for the series.



Ultimately our goal with any visual communication is to provide a representation of what is being taught in our services and inspire people with a more poetic angle on the message of the teaching. It’s our prayer that our creative labours will help people connect in deeper ways with the message brought to our church throughout the series.

Below are some photos from the shoot in Rushing River!

Zach Oulton
Creative Director