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The Church is not an organization or corporate entity. It’s a family, a group of people brought together for a common purpose and mission. The Collective is a collection of blogs that explore some of these stories within our church. We hope that the stories told in these blogs encourage and inspire you, and give you a little glimpse into what life around Riverwood is like!

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    Exodus 40: Obey!

    Do you cringe a little bit at the word ‘obey’? I think it’s a natural part of our independent, willful […]

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    Exodus 39: The Cost of Building God’s Dwelling Place

    In verse 32 of this chapter we read the words that I’d been looking forward to for a while, “And […]

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    Exodus 38: Searching For The Secrets

    I love music. Not just listening to it and playing it, but analyzing it. I’m going to go a little music […]

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    Exodus 37: Executing the Details

    The first time I read Exodus 37, two thoughts came to my mind. 1. God really likes gold. 2. Why […]

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