Exodus 1: When Your World is Turned Upside Down!

It’s amazing how upside-down your world can turn in the span of a mere eight verses! Genesis chapter 50 ended on a high-note with Joseph promising that God was going to rescue His people out of Egypt. The very next chapter, Exodus 1, re-introduces us to God’s people, but by verse 8, life is spinning out of control. The new Pharaoh knows nothing of Joseph and all he had done for the nation of Egypt. The Egyptians are threatened by the Israelites and plunge them into a world of darkness and brutal slavery. Pharaoh decrees that he will put an end to the Israelites by having every baby boy killed at birth.

What a hopeless mess!

Maybe you can identify. Your world feels like it’s being turned upside-down. The opposition against you seems relentless and daunting. Well, be encouraged: the midwives are on the way!

Verse 17 says, “But because the midwives feared God, they refused to obey the king’s orders!”

God used these behind-the-scenes, servant-hearted ladies to save His people and birth a brand new chapter in God’s redemption story.
These women…

  • Obeyed God instantly!
  • Obeyed God when it would cost them dearly!
  • Obeyed God when it didn’t make sense!
  • Obeyed God when there was no personal benefit!
  • And Obeyed God without question!

Their ‘fear for God’ wasn’t about being terrified and dreadful! Their ‘fear for God’ fueled their lives and stood out as a shining light in a very dark time!

Nobody seems to fear God anymore. At least not like these women did. As I read Exodus 1 today, I’m challenged by these women to live with boldness and obedience!

— Todd

Application Questions

Is your world feeling upside-down? Who in your life could be a “midwife” in this moment of crisis?

What areas of your life could you be more bold, like the midwives in Exodus 1?