Exodus 12: Walking Through Doorways Causes Forgetting

I am sure you have experienced losing your keys, your sunglasses, or standing up from the dinner table to go into the kitchen to get a spoon, and almost instantly forgetting why you got up?

It happens to me often, especially, when I run upstairs at home to get something, and almost immediately after reaching the second floor this feeling of being lost comes over me. What am I here for? So aimlessly I start wandering in and out of different rooms upstairs, just to have to run downstairs, and retrace my steps to recall the reason why I ran upstairs in the first place!

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame titled a study that deals with the subject of forgetting “Walking Through Doorways Causes Forgetting” The study proves exactly that, that walking from one room to another causes us to forget things. This is somewhat related to the way our brain stores, builds and compartmentalizes memories.

As Chapter 12 unfolds, we read about the final day/evening before the Israelites are freed from slavery, and what they are supposed to do to be spared from death. Oddly enough, although they have not yet been freed, God gives them final instructions before leaving Egypt in such a way that these instructions also become a ritual; a feast to be remembered. Not only to be remembered but also reenacted. Verse 11 instructs them that even in the future “forever” when celebrating the Passover meal to wear their traveling clothes, their walking sticks, sandals, and he even tells them to eat their meal in a hurry.

In a way, He gives them a mechanism not to forget, a way to retrace their steps… Go back to the last room you were in because it will help you remember.

If I had been Moses or Aaron, I probably would have been thinking…

“Ok Lord, how about we work on departing from Egypt first!

Let’s get through tonight, do this ridiculous smear blood all over the door thing, then once we have Egypt in our review mirror we can start party planning!”

In God’s economy, it was just as important for them to remember, as it was for them to be delivered.

— Laurence

Application Questions

Have you forgotten to celebrate God’s blessings over you?

When was the last time that you simply thanked God without asking for anything?

When was that last time you sat your child on your lap and shared with them those stories in your life of times when He came through for you and your family?