Exodus 16: Losing Perspective

So here we are six weeks after the Israelites were saved from captivity and they are grumbling. Not just a little, but a lot. (Verse 2-“the whole community grumbled”) Enough that God felt He had to perform another act of His power to let them know He was God (vs. 6-“In the evening you will know that it was the Lord who brought you out of Egypt”). The Lord had saved them from slavery; they had witnessed the plagues oppressing the Egyptians and saw their people protected time and time again. They had been living in treacherous conditions for generations, and yet just weeks later they felt like they would have been better off in Egypt than their current situation! Verse 4 –“if only we had died by the Lord’s hand In Egypt.“

It’s easy to read this and think, “Wow, those ungrateful people! How can they doubt God again?” How can they not trust that the Lord will provide for their needs? How can they lose perspective so fast? They thought they would be better off back in Egypt as slaves, oppressed and beaten? How often are we like this? We cry out for the Lord for the desires of our heart, and He grants them. Then in just a short time, we are unhappy with our situation again. We have experienced God’s provision but doubt it when the next area of need arises. 

How quickly I can forget when God provided for me and defaulted into my sense of control again. God provided Manna from Heaven because they were hungry, but some of the Israelites would not trust in the provision of the Lord nor heed his instructions and took more than enough for a day. Again within hours of having their needs met taking back control and disregarding God’s instructions.

God, of course, has the Power to do anything but how often are we waiting for another BIG sign of His provision or power before we will walk with him, move along a path in our life? The Israelites missed out on so many years of blessings the Lord wanted to give him because they kept doubting and forgot what the Lord had delivered them from, what he had promised. What was the cost of him having to do this over and over? It makes me wonder – what areas of my life am I waiting for some big sign from the Lord when He has shown me time and time again who He is and that he will provide for me. Where is my doubt and need for control costing me in experiencing the so much more God could be doing if I wasn’t wasting so much of his time having to answer the same questions over and over?

He is GOD. He will provide!

— Shelly

Application Questions

Where in your life have you lost perspective on where God has delivered you from or provided for you?

What blessings, experiences, are you missing out on because you are waiting again on some Huge sign of God’s power or provision when He has already displayed it faithfully many times?