Exodus 3: “I Will Be With You!”

In the midst of an ordinary day, possibly a boring one at that, Moses’ attention is torn away from the mundane activity of the animals he is tending, to a completely shocking site! As if a burning bush that won’t burn up isn’t enough, Moses hears a voice in the middle of that bush – calling HIS name! I don’t know about you, but that would freak me right out! However, I love what God says to Moses– “I have seen the oppression of My people” – “I have heard their cries” – “I am aware of their suffering.” I would imagine that the Israelites spent many days wondering whether God cared about what they were facing, yet the reality was: He saw them. He heard them. He was very aware, and He was about to put a rescue plan into motion. Are you wondering where God is in the midst of your pain? I can tell you – He is saying the same words to you today as He said of the Israelites – “I see you! I hear you! I am very aware! Don’t give up!”

When God tells Moses that He wants him to be the point person in a rescue plan, Moses gives a pretty classic and common response. “But God … who am I to do this? Notice that God doesn’t say – “Oh Moses … it’s because of all of your abilities! Instead, He answers him with five plain but powerful words – “I will be with you!” The reality of God’s presence was simply enough.

Do you need to be reminded today that God sees you? That He hears you? That He is aware? Keep crying out to Him!

Or maybe you’re being asked to be a part of someone’s rescue plan, and you’re reluctant. Let’s remember today; it’s not about our abilities it’s about God – the ultimate Rescuer being with us! Ask Him today for the courage to do whatever He is asking of you on this ordinary (maybe even boring) day!

— Carolyn

Application Questions

Is there an area of your life where you need to be reminded that God sees you? Hears you? Is aware of your pain?

What areas of your life do you need to trust God and be reminded that he “will be with you”?