Exodus 32: Habits

How is Lent going for you? I grew up in a church that never mentioned Lent. I didn’t hear learn of its existence until my university years but even then I didn’t consider taking part in it. It didn’t seem meaningful I guess. This year we heard Todd teach that fasting and Lent is a way to empty ourselves and make room for God. So I thought long and hard and decided to give up personal shopping, not the essentials like groceries or necessities that come up, but all those extras. As pathetic as it sounds to say outloud I have a problem with shopping. I think I’d been using it as a way to fill myself, a good deal on a shirt, a cute new coffee mug, that perfect basket that would fix all my storage problems. But it does not satisfy. So I gave it all up, and it’s been great. Not only have I been throwing away less money, I find myself being more content. Lent is coming to an end and how will I go from here? Will I be able to keep these lessons and change my spending habits as I move forward? It’s so incredibly easy to go back to our old ways. This, I think is what the Israelites were faced with in Exodus 32. Moses their leader and guy with all the answers is gone. How long was he up on the mountain with God? I couldn’t get an idea for timeline but it seems like he’s been up there since chapter 20. The Israelites were at a crossroads. Do we keep waiting here in the middle of nowhere for this Moses guy and the God he keeps talking about or do we make our own way, leaving aside all we’ve seen of God thus far? It’s easy to judge the Israelites for their lack of faith, but when I look at my own life I see myself making the same mistakes more often that I’d like to admit.

— Kim

Application Questions

As our journey of Lent comes to an end think about what you’ve given up and why?

Has emptying yourself of this made room for God?

How will you apply what you’ve learned post-Lent?