Exodus 33: Now Show Me Your Glory

As I have read through Exodus I have loved watching God and Moses’ relationship develop. Back in chapter three when Moses first encountered God he was scared and insecure, questioning what God was asking him to do. But just months later in Exodus 33 Moses had now become a man of faith and courage. After constantly being in God’s presence on Mount Sinai and in the Tabernacle, Moses and God have grown this beautiful relationship where it says; “The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend.”

So it isn’t just a coincidence that God is about to reveal Himself to Moses in an incredible way. God and Moses spend time together in relationship, talking with one another and working together. Moses was waiting in expectation of this.

I want to say the same of my life, yet countless times I have neglected to spend time in the presence of God but have still expected to automatically have this kind of relationship with Him. I have put off praying and reading His Word yet still asked why I haven’t felt God in my life. Why hasn’t He revealed Himself to me? Why isn’t He giving me a plan for the future?

Sometimes we expect that if God wants to reveal himself to us He will. If God has something to say to us He will just say it. As a result of this too often we forget to live in an actual relationship with God and in expectation that God will work in our lives. But what we see in Exodus 33 is that as Moses and God have this personal relationship. Moses is waiting in expectation for God to reveal His glory to him, and God does.

God wants to reveal Himself to His children, but I believe that He also wants us to seek a relationship with Him. It has become my personal challenge as I spend time with God and grow closer to Him that I look back on each week to see how God has revealed himself to me. But even more importantly I have challenged myself to look forward at the beginning of each week to wait in expectation of God’s work and ask God just as Moses did, “Now show me your glory.”

For Moses, when he did this, he couldn’t even fathom the power that God was about to reveal to Him.

— Brittany

Application Questions

When I ask God to show me His glory, what am I expecting?

What is my relationship with God life right now? Am I making room in my life for God to reveal Himself to me?