Exodus 34: Just You and Me!

Ok it sounds a little intimidating to me when God says to Moses “present yourself to Me. Don’t bring anyone else with you….just you and me”.  (Ex 34:2)  I wonder if Moses was wondering …. ‘Now what does the Lord want?’

For me I feel like the Lord has ambushed me maybe sort of like the way Moses may have felt so many times in his journey. There have been many situations in my life where God has said… “ Present yourself to Me, just you and Me”. One of those situations was when I went thru chemo in 2012. Although I had a great support system (ie: my husband Karl & family & friends), I really had to do some battle in mind and heart with God. “Why me?” “Will I die?” “Why do I have to lose my hair and feel nauseas a lot?” etc etc!! I felt challenged in those times to draw near to the Lord in a different (never been down this road before) way. I felt Him asking me if I could trust Him in those very fearful times. I battled with my thoughts of “what if” a lot… but it was also a very precious time “just Him & me”. Moses was going down some “never travelled” and out of control roads as well. I feel like the Psalms were His love letter to me during those days, where I could present myself to Him and it was just Him and me! He definitely showed Himself to be exactly what Exodus 34:6 speaks of: “The Lord full of compassion and mercy, slow to anger, filled with unfailing love and faithfulness”. I was so out of control physically but He demonstrated His very nature to me and I loved that about Him! In Ex 34:10 it says “Watch and see what I will do”. I have definitely felt challenged in this for years as we wait to see our sons come back to the Lord. The Lord still proclaims that He will display His awesome power… and so I continue to watch.

— Rhoda

Application Questions

Have there been desperate (out of my control) situations) in my life where the Lord has challenged me to “see what He will do”?

Is it noticeable when I’ve been with the Lord? Is there a radiance in my life?