Exodus 36: OK! That’s Enough!

It’s been quite the journey we’ve been on the last few chapters. From Moses being up the mountain for forty days receiving the original Ten Commandments, to the people growing tired of waiting for him and telling Aaron to make them new gods, the golden calf, Moses coming down in horror and anger and smashing the tablets, making them eat their golden calf, and then going up the mountain for another forty days to receive a new copy of the original tablets – wow! And then the call goes out to give for the building fund, and we’re finally starting the work.

I love how this chapter starts out. Bezalel and his assistant Oholiab, the contractors for this job, get all the craftsmen and tradespeople going on the the work. But it isn’t long before they have to call a halt. They have a problem. The people have kept on bringing more and more gifts each day, and there’s way more than enough to finish the job. There’s just too much! Isn’t that just the way it always goes? NOT!!!

I can’t think of one building project in all the years we’ve been part of a church where this has ever been a problem. Can you imagine them calling a special meeting to tell people: “Hey folks, that’s enough! We don’t need anymore resources to finish the project! Please stop giving!

Of course, there was something different going on than when I’m sometimes “moved” to give: Hmmm… I’ve got that cheque coming in next week and if I add it to that, carry the 1, then divide it by… No. These people were “generous” and “willing,” expressing hearts overflowing with joy and thanksgiving. Talk about hilarious giving – this was it! What a difference it would make if I, realizing that everything I have comes from him anyway, gave that generously to further his kingdom. And if we all operated that way, we might actually have one of those aforementioned meetings: Enough, people! Please stop giving!

— Karl

Application questions

Do you feel God can be counted on to provide if you give “above and beyond” what you would normally do?

Have you ever given “hilariously,” and what was the result for you (emotionally or practically, in your finances or relationships)?