Exodus 38: Searching For The Secrets

I love music. Not just listening to it and playing it, but analyzing it. I’m going to go a little music geek here so bear with me. It’s not often I just get to sit down at a piano and stare at the different chords being played by my hands, but I love it. I like exploring what variations I can play and how I can add tension or dissonance. I like alternate intervals that are not commonly used in today’s mainstream music. The tritone (or augmented 4th or diminished 5th) is one of those intervals not often used because of the potentially harsh sound that it can make on one’s ears … but I love it. Used correctly it can be a super intriguing part of a song. Just listen to the opening two notes of the Simpsons Theme. That’s a tritone!

But, one of my favourite moments in a song is when one instrument or voice takes what they’ve done a dozen times before and makes one small change to add something interesting, something unexpected, something different that makes me want to stop and hear it again. I like to try to anticipate the build in a song. Often there is a subtle change and you can start to sense a musical and emotional shift. The music can often pull back and then ramp up again, repeating then changing until the ultimate crescendo of the song.

As I was reading through Exodus I had to ask myself, “Am I searching for the secrets? Am I revelling in the intricacies of God’s plan? What part of this story excites me? How am I going to approach God’s word and this narrative of building the temple and creating the place where God would dwell with his people? What meaning did this hold for the people of Israel and what is the meaning for us now?”

God sometimes has very interesting or unexpected ways of revealing things to us. I hope I continue to listen and explore.

— Ben