Exodus 39: The Cost of Building God’s Dwelling Place

In verse 32 of this chapter we read the words that I’d been looking forward to for a while, “And so at last the Tabernacle was finished.” The work had been completed! As I read the next verses that listed all that was built, assembled, and crafted I was reminded of something, there is a cost to following God.

The building of God’s dwelling place took a huge investment of time, skill, emotion, and personal possessions. But now, the Israelites have an opportunity to pause, exhale and admire the beauty and majesty of what God designed.

Because of Jesus we have the opportunity to see God dwell in the places we live and work. In our families, neighbourhoods, work places, and schools. The cost to build in these places is the same. God is still asking for an investment of our time, emotion, skill, and possessions.

Here I am two days from allowing myself to binge watch whatever I missed on Netflix and YouTube over the last 40 days and I wonder was 40 days enough? Did I pay attention to the specific measurements and materials required to build God’s dwelling place? I can tell you there are times when following God has cost me. It hasn’t been easy and at times it has cost me more then I planned to give. But, during the moments when everything comes together and I get to pause, exhale and admire the beauty and majesty of what God designed, I tend to find myself asking, “maybe I could have given more.”

— Jordan

Recommended listening: “The Cost” by Rend Collective

Application Questions

What investment can you make in the building of God’s dwelling place in our city?