Exodus 6: An Awesome God

In the early 90’s I was a computer instructor living in Edmonton. One summer I spent 6 weeks training the members at the R.C.M.P. detachment in Yellowknife on various productivity applications. In one class we were introducing ourselves and the guys started to get rambunctious. The banter began and they started to make comments at and about each other. I remember that things were getting a bit loud and everyone was laughing and I was standing at the back of the room, back where one of the Inspectors was sitting. And some guy at the front said something. It was one of those “I wasn’t thinking” spur of the moment kinds of things. There was a brief pause and then from the back one of the Inspectors said with authority, “Watch your step, corporal” and the room went silent. Clearly, a line had been crossed.

When you become familiar with someone you often forget the true essence of who they are. Their power or their wealth or their position fades into the background of your relationship and all you see is “Just Joe.” And that is usually good. But when we are talking about God then the relationship is more complicated. By the time we get to Exodus 6 we have seen a developing relationship between Moses and God. God has revealed himself to Moses and has shown him some wonders. But Moses is unsure. Yes, this God has come near to him. Yes, this God has revealed himself. Yes, this God has promised that he sees the persecution of the family of Israel and that he will do something about it. But it is clear that Moses really does not understand the relationship that he and God have and does not really understand this God who is only now beginning to revealing himself for who he really is. But in Exodus 6 we see God standing to his full height, looking at Moses, and saying, “Now you will see ….”

Too often I take God for granted. I hear about grace and love and compassion and a God who comes near to me. And I become complacent. This God is my buddy, after all. But every so often, when my mouth is full of my own words, God stands to his full height and says, “Watch yourself, Dennis, do not ever take me for granted, for I am the Lord”

— Dennis

Application Questions

Have you allowed one aspect of God’s character, perhaps his love or grace, to become all you know of him?

What is the place of the power and majesty of God in your relationship with him?

Take some time today to reflect on the awesomeness of this God who has, through Jesus, come near to you.