Exodus 9: His Timing is Perfect Timing

This chapter really spoke to me as I began to read it, I have known this narrative for almost my entire life; how God sent the plagues on the Egyptians. But this was the first time that this text spoke to me, in my life. One thing that spoke to me was in verses 15-16 when it says “For by now I could have stretched out my hand and struck you and your people with a plague that would have wiped you off the earth. But I have raised you up for this very purpose that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.”

I was so amazed at this verse because it is full of so much hope. We know that God is all-powerful and can fix a situation, answer a prayer, or give freedom to His people in an instant, but that is often not what happens. God requires us to go on a journey with Him, this journey is often not easy, has many challenges, and many times requires hard work. In the case of the Israelites, they needed to fight for their freedom and put a tremendous amount of faith in the Lord. But it was through this journey of fighting for freedom that God was able to show His power to all people and for those people to proclaim His name.

I know in my life it is so hard to wait upon the Lord. For an answer to prayer, or to patiently wait for Him to reveal His plan for my life, but looking back it was during those periods of waiting where I grew in my relationship with the Lord, where I could give Him all the glory. God is always late to us with answering prayer, but we have to remember that His timing is the perfect timing and that through all trials we are to give Him the glory. Just as with the Israelites, there are times where we are wandering in the wilderness not entirely sure God knows what He is doing, but we are to keep the faith and keep walking forward.

— Taylor

Application Questions

Are there areas in our lives that can harden our hearts to the Lord’s will?

Why did the Lord harden Pharaoh’s unyielding heart?

In our 40 days of Freedom, what are things that can distract us from faithfully trusting in the Lords timing? Are there areas of life where we are giving other people the glory and not the Lord?