Prince of Peace

From the moment this series— “Grit” started we knew that we wanted to communicate really visually. Video provides an incredible opportunity to illustrate a concept in a way that isn’t possible on stage. Our Videographer Kirsten and myself sat down with Todd and heard his vision for illustrating the comparison of a personal devotional life to a sailboat’s keel. A keel is filled with thousands of tonnes of lead that help keep a sailboat stable, even in the midst of storms and intense wind. Todd had recently visited a harbour in Gimli Manitoba that had several sailboats, so we loaded into his truck on a chilly Thursday morning and drove out to Gimli.

As we approached Gimli it started to rain very lightly. No problem, it was raining in the story of Paul’s journey to Rome that we would be telling so it seemed appropriate. We pulled into the harbour. Todd hopped out to talk to the owner, Jeff, who immediately treated us as if we were all old friends. We found Jeff’s boat and it seemed like a good option. We got out of the truck and I am sure that I was almost blown over. The wind coming off the nearby lake was insane! Immediately our thoughts are all racing, how are we going to manage sound in such windy conditions?

We decided that with some strategic mic placement and angling away from the wind we’d be able to manage. So we started setting up. We got into place, audio levels were good, cameras were in position and we were ready to start shooting… until it started raining harder. Sometimes the timing of weather is perfectly annoying eh? So we packed everything up and hopped back into the warmth of the truck. While we warmed our hands by the vents and waited out the rain we decided to drive over to the lakefront and get some b-roll of the waves. We pulled around and got out. It was FRIGID. I couldn’t believe how cold and wet it was.

As I struggled to see through the rain on my glasses and shivered against the cold damp wind, it reminded me of the song Prince of Peace by Hillsong United.

“My heart a storm, clouds raging deep within
The Prince of peace came bursting through the wind
The violent sky held its breath
And in Your light I found rest”

Suddenly these words that I’ve been listening to quite a lot recently had significantly more meaning. The sea, in the Bible, is often representative of chaos. And we were definitely experiencing that firsthand. But Jesus, the Prince of peace, comes “bursting through the wind.” I thought of the story of Jesus calming the storm. He brings peace to chaos. And I was suddenly encouraged! Sure these conditions weren’t ideal, but we’ve come here to communicate an incredible concept, that consistent time spent in prayer and with God can establish a stable base for our life. Jesus wants to use this message we’re trying to communicate to bring his Church into deeper relationship with himself. All of these weather problems aren’t going to stop the Prince of peace!

So as we continued to struggle with cold and rain and wind, we did eventually push through to find a location to shoot the video and communicate this important discipline. And it’s my prayer that as we seek to communicate creatively to our church, that God would also use the moments that we are creative to speak directly to our hearts and encourage us to push through for his Kingdom and his Glory!